“We Got Married” Ratings Prove That Eric Nam And Solar Helped Revive The Failing Show

One particular couple of We Got Married 4  is being credited for raising the ratings for the show since joining the show.

According to rating graphics, the show saw a near 1% (0.9%) raise in their ratings for their 316th episode, hitting a high of 4.9% within a range of six aired episodes.

The show has seen a change in couples the last few months with the joining of new couples Jo Se Ho & FIESTAR‘s Caolu, Eric Nam & MAMAMOO‘s Solar, and Madtown‘s Jota & Kim Jin Kyung who joined on episode 311, 316 and 321 respectively. And so, many are crediting Eric Nam and Solar for the boost in ratings especially regarding that the two have highly positive public images.

In addition to that, with the two’s interaction so far on the show, viewers have given them even more positive reaction towards their virtual marriage.

We Got Married airs every Saturday on MBC at 4:50pm KST.


Source: Instiz