[★FEATURE] Weekly K-Pop Celebrity Instagram Roundup: December Week 3

With many promotions wrapping up despite many unique Christmas season collaborations, this week’s updates reveal new and old pairs of friends, heavy promotions for showcases, and some old faces returning to Instagram! Check out our list here and let us know what you think.

Most Delicious:

*Miss A Fei [instagram://wnyckEPb3f]

*Seeya Minkyung [instagram://wlnwGgmork]

*Girls’ Generation Sooyoung [instagram://w0uMj-rVuy]

Most Hilarious:

*2NE1 Dara [instagram://wlwdLVCSzG]

*2AM Jo Kwon [instagram://wy6wS1Sqst]

*Super Junior Siwon [instagram://wyqZRaCvSI]

Most Handsome:

*SPEED Yuhwan [instagram://wyeSeLjIy1]

*Lee Hyunwoo [instagram://wp5395mXVZ]

*Super Junior Donghae [instagram://wvocm7l8IK]

Most Beautiful:

*Park Shinhye [instagram://wvpSXgvdRo]

*T-ara Qri [instagram://wtq98xFOEG]

*Davichi Minkyung [instagram://wwSiPFA8Py]

Most Adorb’s:

*Dynamic Duo Gaeko [instagram://wycRdtrisC]

*GOT7 Mark [instagram://wdhALGJhZL]

*Haru [instagram://w1IZeONO2I]

Most Promotional:

*Iron [instagram://wtD8xzuS1u]

*EXO-M Xiumin [instagram://w06RuwQ8bv]

*Jay Park [instagram://wlaefGMJ0g]

Most Interesting Duo’s:

*Joo Young & B1A4 CNU [instagram://wyohC0Ms2t]

*SS501 Kyujong & Eric Nam [instagram://wmmkN1Shx7]

*After School Nana & Jeff Bernat [instagram://wx7hJOj0zM]