[★FEATURE] Weekly K-Pop Celebrity Instagram Roundup: December Week 5

This week has been the finale of December, with the arrival of January 2015! See what your favorite idols have been up to in our latest compilation, and let us know what you think!

Most Delicious:

SHINee Jonghyun [instagram://xR9u47k7QV]

Crucial Star [instagram://xL-CkeMNUH]

Miss A Fei [instagram://xRuxeoPbwh]

Most Hilarious:

Super Junior Siwon [instagram://xN2kPVCvdg]

Rainbow Jaekyung [instagram://xEhRVeAy-0]

JYJ Kim Jaejoong [instagram://xHF04lEniU]

Most Handsome:

SPEED Yuhwan [instagram://xXKe60DIza]

F.Cuz Kan [instagram://xUHhs3is9y]

Bigbang Seungri [instagram://xR8ymLvNRq]

Most Beautiful:

Park Shinhye [instagram://xYerzgPdUb]

Wonder Girls Yubin [instagram://xBK4kvMhuN]

Rainbow Hyunyoung [instagram://xYxQrZuzpz]

Most Adorb’s:

F(x) Amber [instagram://xTDmK8t-st]

F.T. Island Lee Hongki [instagram://xZcExcSn59]

After School UEE [instagram://xNbO9AGcIt]

Most Promotional:

Girl’s Day Sojin [instagram://xOKaGvRh5G]

G.NA [instagram://xOVr_lCFvN]

Crush [instagram:///xZPiMZSSuS]

Most Interesting Duo’s:

Kahi & Girls’ Generation Yuri [instagram://xOtp66zIFp]

Joo Young & Giriboy [instagram://xYQw1BMsxZ]

Yoo Seung Woo & Sungha Jung [instagram:///xJMW0orsqp]