Weekly Series: K-Pop Mood Playlist – Spooky

Halloween is almost here, and to celebrate we’re getting spooky with this week’s K-Pop Mood Playlist! Korea definitely does not shy away from all things horror, and even idols aren’t afraid to show off their creepy sides once in a while. With artists like Narsha, VIXX, Puer Kim, and Taeyang, this week’s playlist includes everything from noir style classic horror imagery to some straight up bloody gore. Get ready to turn off the lights and turn on some spooky videos!


1. Taeyang – “I’ll Be There”

  • Taeyang’s 2010 solo track “I’ll Be There” plays out like a classic horror film from the 30’s or 40’s. The noir theme maybe doesn’t have the intended effect, however, as the video instead leaves many fans of the muscly singer thinking they’d probably be okay with Taeyang creeping around their house.

2. Narsha – “삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bba Bba)”

  • It doesn’t get much more Halloween than “Bbi Ri Bba Bba,” the title track from Narsha’s solo debut album. With all the dark imagery and a whole room of Freddy Kruegers as her backup dancers, illuminati speculators and conspiracy theorists have a ton to analyze in this video.

3. BEAST – “Shadow”

  • BEAST can’t escape the darkness in “Shadow,” a song about a man whose life is left dim after the person who was his light leaves. Laden with creepy crawly creatures and lots of body paint, “Shadow” is another spooky classic.

4. 100% – “심장이 뛴다 (Heartbeat)”

  • 100% recreate a modern day Frankenstein in their video for “Heartbeat.” The girl in the video plays the part of Frankenstein and reanimates the boys of 100%, who aren’t too happy with the outcome. If literally ripping out your heart doesn’t say emotional anguish, I don’t know what does.

5. VIXX – “저주인형 (Voodoo Doll)”

  • If I could give out awards, VIXX’s “Voodoo Doll” would be the clear winner for “Most Impalements in a Music Video.” The talented guys of VIXX show off their creepy and gory performance in this song about a man who would willing become a voodoo doll for the girl he loves.

6. Puer Kim – “마녀 마쉬 (Witch Marsh)”

  • Puer Kim gets goth as she transforms into a witch for “Witch Marsh.” The video parallels electric chair and recording studio (with a little bondage for good times’ sake) as Puer Kim gets revenge on her captors.

7. BTOB – Thriller

  • BTOB rises from the dead in their video for “Thriller.” Taking direction from the Michael Jackson classic, BTOB get creepy and spooky in this song about living in the dark of night.

8. SPEED – Zombie Party

  • “Zombie Party” by SPEED is probably the least spooky song with a horror concept to accompany it. Regardless, “Zombie Party” continues the fun tradition of choreographed zombies that everyone can easily dance along to come Halloween time.

9. Sunmi – “보름달 (Full Moon)”

  • In “Full Moon,” Sunmi asks you to come visit her in the moonlight. Of course, she fails to mention that the invitation is all a part of her vampiric seduction techniques. But if you don’t mind the gorgeous Sunmi feasting on your blood, perhaps you’ll enjoy taking her up on the offer.

10. 2NE1 – “아파 (It Hurts)”

  • 2NE1 channel their heartbreak into a spooky theme in the video for “It Hurts.” Dara plays a Miss Havisham type character as she waits longingly for the return of her lover in a rundown and cobweb-ridden house. But as the song and video progress, we learn that some things were not meant to last.

11. Tymee/E.Via – “미친인연 (Crazy Destiny) (feat. Lee Soo of M.C the MAX)

  • This video by Tymee well earns its 19+ rating and is definitely not for those who feel faint at the sight of blood. Tymee intensely fast rapping pairs uniquely with the eerie organ music in this song and video that are a great finale for this spooky playlist.

Check out the songs and tune in to Koreaboo every week for a new K-Pop Mood Playlist! Until next time… ♥