Weekly Series: K-Pop Mood Playlist – Tipsy

This week’s K-Pop Mood Playlist pours you a couple drinks and takes you out for a good night on the town. As you loosen up with artists like Gray, Beenzino, and Crucial Star, the tipsy playlist is here to get you buzzed and feeling good for a night out! This one is not for the kids!

1. Simon D – 짠해 (Cheerz)

  • Simon D’s super catchy track “Cheerz” from his solo album SNL League Begins is actually about getting a little more than tipsy. In true Korean fashion, the song follows Simon D throughout the night to see just how many drinks he can handle.

2. Dynamic Duo – BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)

  • This super chill track from Dynamic Duo is about a girl playing coy and getting a guy to buy her drinks. He might complain, but he always obliges. “BAAAM”  is the perfect song to groove to while getting your night started.

3. Crucial Star – Drinks Up

  • Crucial Star’s low and melodic rapping is so smooth in “Drinks Up.” Not quite a party track, this song is more suited to chilling with friends and having a few drinks before you head out for the night.

4. Beenzino – Boogie On & On

  • Beenzino invites you to “sip and smoke it away” while you loosen up and “Boogie On & On.” Feeling a bit tense? Gwaenchanha~ This track fizzes with cool and will get you in the mood for a buzz.

5. Reddy – 1985

  • Instead of going out for the night, Reddy wants to take you on a little trip back through time in “1985.” This old school hip hop style track has a great flow and a vibe that’s great for a party.

6. House Rulez & Clara – Invitation

  • In a much more upbeat track, House Rulez and Clara will have you poppin’ bottles and sippin’ champagne when you’re thirsty. But really, “Invitation” is such a great electronic track, drinking isn’t required to get up and dance.

7. Gray – 위험해 (Dangerous) (feat. Jay Park)

  • “Dangerous” is the kind of track that makes you want to get up and find someone to dance with after you’ve had a couple drinks. Gray and Jay Park flow so well together in this track with a stylish groove.

8. Bumkey – 갖고놀래 (Attraction) (feat. Dynamic Duo)

  • Bumkey and Dynamic Duo have love on their minds in “Attraction,” even if that love only lasts for the night and ends when the bottles are empty. But even if it’s short lived, Bumkey’s fluid vocals mesh so well with Dynamic Duo’s beats in this song.

9. Primary – I’m Back (feat. Yankie, Double K, & G.O of MBLAQ)

  • Sometimes your drinks are sweet, sometimes your drinks are more on the bitter side. in “I’m Back,” Primary is drinking for a very different reason compared to the songs above: celebrating not being with his girl anymore.

10. John Park – 술 (Alcohol)

  • Closing out the playlist is a song more suited for drinking in a smoky lounge than in a club. John Park’s “Alcohol” has an understated jazzy flow that puts you right in the scene as your senses start to get a bit fuzzy and muddled.

Check out the playlist and stay tuned to Koreaboo next week as we’ll be keeping the drinks flowing and turning up the volume on the party. Until next time… ♥