[★QUIZ] Which EXO Superpower Should You Actually Have?

Do you feel like you could lift from the ground and fly away? Or do you have the burning flame within that could ignite with a snap of your fingers? Find out which EXO superpower matches your personality and belongs to you, in our new quiz: Which EXO Superpower Do You Have?

As any real fan would know, the boys from Planet EXO each have unique individual powers, reflective of their characteristics and strengths… But do you also have the same endearing qualities that deserve super-human powers? Take our fun new quiz to find out which member is your superpower soul-mate!

Can you travel through time? Lift objects with your mind? Or shoot beams of light from your hands? Let your friends know, and challenge them to take the quiz too! There are 12 powers in total… which one belongs to you?