Whiteteez drops tough MV for “Middle Finger”

With their latest track, Whiteteez returns with an addicting and tough video for “Middle Finger” on November 27th. Shot in only black and white, the video starts out with a haunting beat as a chain link fence is shown. It becomes clear that the beginning of the song that this is a song for all the haters.

Stomping around abandoned warehouses and rundown gardens yelling “F*ck you” will be sure to let those who have something negative to say about the group of rappers that they just don’t care.

Brown Sugar, rapping with a backwards snapback and a puffy jacket to match delivers his proclamation and finishes by miming a gun shooting the camera.

Mirroring that of their Western counterparts, the rap song delivers an authentic performance.

The song gives off the heavy rap vibe of American rap artists Future and Meek Mill. Different from other artists who try to act tough, these guys really embody the sense of power and hardness by rapping at the camera with intense faces.

Fans of Whiteteez were last given a tough and entertaining performance off their previous track released one month ago, titled “Swagger.”

Check out the hardcore rapping skills of Whiteez and the rest crew below!