Who is prettier: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon or AOA’s Seolhyun?

With both ladies achieving success from their respective careers – netizens cannot help but ask, “Who is prettier: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon or AOA’s Seolhyun?” 

A photo from the recent Seoul Drama Awards was the topic of discussion online as netizens highlighted the beauty of Taeyeon and Seolhyun. With both ladies currently at the top of their careers,  netizens cannot help but question as to which of the two is more beautiful.

Dressed in elegantly long gowns and flawless make-up, Taeyeon was seen with a bouquet of roses as she gave her speech for her “Best Hallyu Drama OST” award. Seolhyun, however, was at her side after presenting the award to the singer.

Currently, Taeyeon is busy preparing for her upcoming solo debut and concert while Seolhyun is slowly getting a lot of attention for her modelling and acting ventures.


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[+ 251, – 165] She might not look that great in that picture but Taeyeon looks better than Seolhyun for sure

[+ 189, – 64] The uploader is trying to chew out Taeyeon I’ve seen this in Taeyeon fansites by the same person and now she’s trying to tell people that Seolhyun’s prettier

[+ 189, – 64] I don’t know what you’re trying to do but you’re making both of them look bad doing this..

Source: Pann