Who wore it better? Girls’ Day Yura vs A Pink Namjoo

Korean media Dispatch compares the glamour dress on Girls’ Day Yura and A Pink Namjoo

Another comparison of Korean female idols wearing the same dress! Although Girls’ Day Yura and A Pink Namjoo show off a different appeal, Korean media Dispatch compares how they look with the same dress on.

Originally titled “Who is hotter? Yura vs Namjoo in their glamour dress,” Korean media Dispatch compares these two sexy idols in their sexy dress.

Here is the direct translation of Dispatch‘s article.


“Girls’ Day Yura and A Pink Namjoo were spotted wearing the same dress~

Yura wore the dress back in March for the Cable TV Award Ceremony and Namjoo wore the dress back in January for the Golden Disk Ceremony. The dress gives off a oriental look with various unique designs and patters on the black dress. The key point and concept of the dress is the fact that it reaches all the way down to the bottom.

Both of the idols showed their provocative yet sexy look. Yura showed her flawless and glamorous body. Namjoo’s tanned body and her collar bones were very memorable.”


“We always thought she was an angel idol” (Namjoo)


“I am sexy by myself” (Namjoo)


“Very provocative” (Namjoo)


“Legendary sexiness” (Yura)


“Milk-like glamour” (Yura)


“The best body amongst idols” (Yura)

Source: Dispatch