(★TRENDING) Song Hye Kyo’s Pregnancy Rumors All Started Because Of This

Song Hye Kyo arrived in China earlier this week for a schedule related to Amorepacific events.

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But she also brightened everyone’s evening when she joined President Moon Jae In, who was visiting China for the Korea-China Economic and Trade Partnership, for a gala and dinner event.

She was there, along with a few EXO members and other Korean celebrities, as representatives of the strength and influence of Korea’s popular culture in the region.

As Song Hye Kyo stood with President Moon for photos and commemorative gestures, the president just couldn’t stop smiling! And no on can blame him.


But some netizens pointed out that Song Hye Kyo seems to have gained some weight, and that she might be pregnant!

Rumors about Song Hye Kyo’s pregnancy is nothing new, as both Korean and Chinese media and netizens have been talking about it for some time, starting even before her wedding day.

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A few netizens even speculated that her choice of a loose blouse is a ploy to hide signs of pregnancy.

But others, annoyed and enraged at the rumor, argued that those stirring up the rumors are just grasping at straws.


Watch the full video below.