Will Smith sends warm greetings to YG Family during interview

Hollywood actor and artist Will Smith sent his warm wishes and greetings to YG Entertainment during a recent interview.

On February 21st, the latest broadcast of KBS Entertainment Relay featured an interview segment with actress Margot Robbie and actor Will Smith for their newest Hollywood film, Focus.

As the two Hollywood stars were being interviewed by an Entertainment Relay host, Will Smith was questioned about his visit to YG Entertainment’s headquarters in the past. When the host asked, “You went to YG [headquarters] last time, right?” Will Smith answered with a big smile and nod, “Yeah, yeah!

They’ve got a beautiful thing going on over there,” Will Smith further commented in which the show host responded by saying, “I have a few friends over at YG Entertainment. I’ll tell them you said ‘hi’.

However, the actor told the host, “Tell them I said ‘What’s up! YG Fam! They’re my YG Fam!'” causing both the host and Margot Robbie to burst into laughter.

Will Smith and his son, Jayden Smith, garnered a lot of the media’s attention during their last visit in South Korea back in May of 2014. The father and son, however, caught even more of the Korean netizens’ attention after they visited YG Entertainment’s headquarters during their visit in South Korea to work with PSY and G-Dragon on some music productions.

Source: TenAsia and KBS