WINNER assembles as holiday party boys for “The Star”

Celebrity and style magazine The Star brought rising rookie boy group WINNER on board for their December 2014 issue. The boys executed chic and fun styles for The Star‘s male end of  year party concept photo shoot.

Through this photo shoot, WINNER showed off professional confidence and charisma even though they are rookies. Even the picture of them holding ramyun looked full of color and character.

After the photo shoot, WINNER talked about their first album and the year 2014: “Our first album is mellow with many emotional songs. We are working on more fun and bold songs. We have only completed our first album, so there will be plenty of time to go on stage from now on.”

When they were asked whether iKON’s debut made them nervous, the boys responded, “It gives us drive and motivation, whenever we see them we feel like they are a mirror to reflect ourselves.”

Check out the December issue of The Star for more details on their interview, including WINNER’s various answers to their ideal romance and dream travel destinations.

Source: TV Report