WINNER gears up for winter in “Harper’s Bazaar” photo shoot

WINNER poses in winter attire for the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The rookie group shows off their charm and charisma in their newest winter outerwear pictorial.

Wearing large winter coats, the boys give off a serious, yet sexy vibe through their facial expressions and poses. In this shoot, Harper’s Bazaar pairs up with Adidas for the apparel featured in the pictorial.

Harper’s Bazaar gives a sneak peak of WINNER’s photo shoot with individual shots from the members Kang Seung Yoon and Nam Taehyun.

Seung Yoon poses in his photo, sitting on a stool while promoting his classic Adidas sneakers. He wears a zebra-print jacket with a casual and innocent head-scratching pose. Contrary to Seung Yoon, Taehyun wears his jacket zipped up to the top giving a cozy, rather than casual, look.



Source: Top Star News