WINNER Mino’s controversial rap to result in highest disciplinary action

KCSC decides that WINNER Song Mino’s controversial rap to result in highest disciplinary action.

After WINNER member Song Mino was highly criticized for using vulgar lyrics on ‘Show Me The Money 4,’ the Korea Communication Standards Commission has decided that Mnet will be receiving the highest fine and penalty.

His lyrics: “Mino sniping the girls. Spread your legs like you’re at the gynecologist.”

Mino’s lyrics started a huge controversy after his lyrics were seen as vulgar, sexist and disgusting.

Song Mino was also criticized initially for not making a formal apology to the public until the Korea Association of Obstrecians and Gynaecologists took action to pursue a lawsuit. But after making apologies, the organization has since accepted and decided not to pursue the lawsuit.

By receiving the highest disciplinary action by the KCSC, Mnet will have to pay up to the max fine of 50 million Won ($43,000 USD). But the actual fine price is reported to be revealed later by the media.

[ +6065 / -305] Those lyrics cannot be accepted hahaha So disgusting

[ +5128 / -318] Those who gain success through mouth will go also fail through mouth

[ +4525 / -247] He has to be responsible for his actions

[ +4471 / -291] To be honest, doesn’t he have to be kicked out if it weren’t for his agency?

[ +4471 / -291] That was too too too much. Something you can’t say with your mouth

[ +837 / -78] You have to stop him from coming on the show — Do you think 5000 is money to him?

Source: World Daily, Comments: World Daily vis Naver