WINNER to meet fans in worldwide conference tour in 2015; “WWIC 2015” teaser spot released

After releasing two mysterious image teasers for “WWIC 2015” with no indication to its purpose, WINNER has unveiled another teaser spot titled “The Announcement” on December 10th, giving fans a further look at what the popular rookie group is up to.

With a gray scale themed video, the members of WINNER sit around a large conference table with leader Kang Seung Yoon at the head as he proceeds with the meeting, explaining the annual global event of “Worldwide Inner Circle Conference 2015,” which is divided into three sessions.

Kang Seung Yoon continues to explain, “Our history, never before seen by non-fans, will be told only to the INNER CIRCLE. Like the videos we took during our trainee days…And on our individual phones, our own…All the questions the fans haven’t yet received answers to, for example the meaning of a lyric.”

“I hope this gives us the opportunity to spend more time together. We will talk about the journey we have taken with our fans. Through this and through that, we were able to meet you all and become WINNER.”

“A special stage for INNER CIRCLE and for WINNER! An opportunity for us to show our sincerity to you. We will try swapping parts and singing. Sincerely. I think it would be good to approach it in a comfortable and intimate way.”

WINNER will be meeting fans all around the world to intimately share more about themselves to fans. Cities will be announced soon.