WINNER talks about their “winning points” at WWIC 2015

YG’s WINNER held a conference concept fan meeting WWIC 2015 and talked about their winning points of 2015.

On January 31th, WINNER held their first fan meeting WORLD WIDE INNER CIRCLE CONFERENCE (WWIC) in Seoul. More than 13,500 fans filled the floor seats and the 3 levels of the stadium.

All 5 members of WINNER prepared for the “MY HISTORY” presentation and had Q&A and mini-game time with the fans. Before closing the conference, each member talked about their individual “winning points” and strengthened resolutions.

The oldest member Kim Jinwoo said, “I would like to make 2015 the year of DEPTH. Not only for the depth of my abilities but for the close connection with my fans.”

Song Minho (MINO) continued, “My winning point is DIFFERENT. My aim is to show the different side of myself this year. I will do my best to create the new things.”

Lee Seunghoon confessed, “The FIRST RESOLUTION is my winning point. I started dancing since I was a young boy, because I was happy at every moment. Through SBS K-POP Star and Mnet WIN programs, I danced to win so I honestly forgot that feeling.”

“It has been a while since you all saw me dancing right? Now I’ll dance as much as I can to enjoy just as how happy I was before. Not to compete and to win anymore.”

Nam Taehyun picked LOVE as his winning point and made a romantic confession, saying, “I hope in 2015 I can be closer and be more special to Inner Circle (WINNER’s official fan club). So I got something to tell you. I love you.”

Lastly, Kang Seungyoon said, “Our biggest winning point is to find the way of our own music. Also, with the keywords of ‘communication’, ‘change’, and ‘winner’, we will show you how we improve.”

During the event, WINNER performed their 10 debut songs including Empty, Different, Just Another Boy, and Smile Again. Nam Taehyun also did a special DJ performance making the fans go wild. After their fan meeting in Seoul, WINNER will meet Japanese fans through WWIC 2015 in February.


Source: NewsPim