WINNER’s Jinwoo to make his drama debut with Taehyun in Korean-Chinese production

WINNER’s Taehyun and Jinwoo are set to star in a drama series jointly produced by Korean and Chinese production agencies. 

According to reports on September 5th, Taehyun and Jinwoo completed two productions in a five-part drama series produced by Aura Media and a Chinese agency. Aura Media is the same production company that took charge of the SBS drama Doctor Stranger.

It was confirmed that Taehyun starred in the mystery thriller Under Black Moonlight, while Jinwoo took the lead role for Magic Cellphone, a fantasy melodrama. The two singers were said to have finished shooting for their official posters as they continue finishing their parts for the drama.

Jinwoo gathered much interest with news of his casting, as this will be his first drama project since making his debut with WINNER early last year.

Meanwhile, once the drama filming is completed and the post-production work is done, both projects are set to be aired by Fall.

Source: TVReport and YG-Life