Women rank the hottest eight male hairstyles

A new thread on the forum Instiz has gained popularity as it highlights the fashion preferences of women: in particular, it gives the top eight hairstyles that women like on men.

The eight hairstyles are accompanied by images showing chic and fashionable executions, proving why these are believed to be the most popular and loved hairstyles.

Since hair can often make or break a look, much care should be taken when selecting a new hairstyle. The list below shows hairstyles that can go with different styles such as street, innocent, preppy, playful, and more.

Going from eighth place to first place, they are as follows:


Eighth Place: Snap Back Hair Style

Seventh Place: Bowl Cut

Sixth Place: Pomade Hair

Fifth Place: Regent Cut

Fourth Place: Dandy Perm

Third Place: Split Down the Middle


Second Place: Two Block Pomade

First Place: Two Block Dandy

Source: Instiz

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