[★BREAKING] Won Bin and Lee Na Young announce their pregnancy

Won Bin and Lee Na Young have surprised their fans with an announcement soon after their wedding that the two are expecting a child!

The beautiful couple were originally revealed to be dating by Dispatch on July 2013 and married on May 30th, 2015 after two years of dating. The two had a secret and intimate wedding with friends and family, with no invitations being sent to media.

The two met originally in 2011 and are under the same agency, Eden 9. Their agency revealed the pregnancy in a press statement to fans and media alike to share their happiness.

The press release reads:

Actress Lee Na Young and Won Bin tied the knot and became a married couple for life not too long ago. We are happy to bring glad tidings to those who congratulated the union of the two. The two cared for each other like any other couple and spent a very happy honeymoon. During this time they welcomed a new family member into their lives. They now share more than just love but trust in each other. They are very thankful they are able to bring such great news while planning their life step by step. They said they would like to thank everyone and they owe this happiness to al lthe blessings of those who congratulated them. We wished to share this news with you all first before anyone. They promise to show more mature versions of themselves in the future through their work.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Source: Sports Chosun

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