Wonder Girls look stunning in their evening wear while in the waiting room

Wonder Girls have completely filled the room with their charisma as they patiently wait in the waiting room at their latest scheduled event.

In a group photo published by member Hyelim on October 27th, she writes, “#WKorea #BreastCancerCharityEvent #LoveYourW Waiting with the members..!” and “The members are getting sleepy! ㅋ”

Wearing all-black outfits, the Wonder Girls members look extremely chic and look almost seductive as they give a straight stare into the camera, posing on the bed. Hyelim and Yubin looked extremely bewitching with their poses.

Wonder Girls recently completed their activities as a band for the first time with their album Reboot, the first album to be released from them in three years.

A post shared by 우혜림 (@wg_lim) on

A post shared by 우혜림 (@wg_lim) on

Source: Dispatch