Wonder Girls’ Yeeun is hinting on a possible HA:TFELT comeback

Despite being busy preparing for Wonder Girls’ comeback, Yeeun hints on towards her solo return. 

On July 31st, Yeeun teased fans of the possibility of coming back as HA:TFELT, the stage name she used during her solo promotions last year. On her personal Instagram account, the singer posted a screen cap from last year’s article and a caption saying, “Iron Girl HA:TFELT debut 1st anniversary! Time flew by so fast! #Theheroneverdie #illbeback Please look forward.” 

HA:TFELT made her debut as a solo artist with the release of her album Me? and promote the title track, “Ain’t Nobody.”

Meanwhile, Yeeun will be joining Yubin, Sunmi and Hyerim with the release of their comeback album, REBOOT on August 3rd. A number of audio and video teasers were released for the past few days prompting their return.