Wonder Girls’ Yubin’s depressing Instagram post about “being jobless” worries her fans

On March 24th, Wonder Girls member Yubin posted a rather somber picture on her Instagram account, prompting fans to send her messages of support for the singer.

The JYP Entertainment artist posted a screenshot of part of the lyrics from Hyukoh’s “Wiing Wiing,” which read,

Jobless and idling around
I look so pathetic
I feel so sorry
Wiing Wiing (sound of insects)
Even the mayfly seems to be mocking the pathetic me

and one of her hashtags said #soundslikeme

Wonder Girls just celebrated their 8th anniversary, but with the group being on indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future, many fans concluded that Yubin was using the lyrics to refer to her own state as an artist.

Seeing the singer’s state of distress and frustration, fans rushed to her aid, sending her messages of encouragement and support. These messages included comments such as, “Wonderful will be cheering you on!!!,” “No matter what happened, I will always support unnie!!,” and “I hope you think of the fans and find strength. Unnie is always so bright and sparkling to me. Just like a star.

#혁오 #위잉위잉 #내얘긴줄 #걍노래좋아서

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