Wu Yifan gives cold silence as response to questions about Z.Tao

At a recent press conference for Maybelline on September 10th, Wu Yifan shared various updates about his current life and personality.

Despite the cheerful atmosphere of the event and interview, the mood quickly turned cold when journalists asked the celebrity about his current relationship with Z.Tao. While he eagerly shared about his playful and carefree personality, even giving hints on his upcoming musical endeavors that would be taking a hip hop meets rock vibe, he had nothing to say when asked about Z.Tao.

Many fans have taken the liberty to cut his reaction into a GIF as it clearly shows his perspective on the relationship between the two. In full clips covering the event, what appears to be managers can be heard cutting off the reporters in the background.

The two are known to be on rather rocky terms after the latter was forced to eat his own words claiming Wu Yifan betrayed him despite a public apology.

Meanwhile, Wu Yifan has been the official endorser for Maybelline as he featured in a youthful and fun advertisement on the basketball courts.

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