Yang Hyun Suk personally teases BIGBANG’s new MVs ahead of release

This time, hints of BIGBANG‘s upcoming August release did not come from the group members themselves but from YG Entertainment‘s founder Yang Hyun Suk, or affectionately known as Papa YG by fans!

On July 28th, Yang Hyun Suk revealed two short videos of BIGBANG’s music video recording, giving fans a look into the upcoming release. And if you listen carefully, or put your volume up as loud as possible, an audio of the new group song can be heard as well.

In one video, Seungri can be seen jumping up and down on a trampoline with a beautiful girl while in the second, Daesung’s eyes are revealed to be hidden once again as he looks somberly from his position.

For the double track release in August, one will be a BIGBANG track – as teased below – while the other will mark the comeback of the unit GD&TOP in five years.

Though past releases have usually been made available on the 1st of every month, GD&TOP’s “쩔어,” which can be translated literally to “Freaking Awesome” or better translated as “Dope,” will be dropped on August 5th.

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