[★TRENDING] Yang Hyun Suk to hold private conversations with Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong to make final decision

With the devastating news of YG Entertainment trainees, Jung Jinhyeong and Yang Hongsuk, getting eliminated from debuting with iKON on Mnet Mix & Match, the fate of these two trainees lies within CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s decision.

On November 7th, OSEN News reported that CEO Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment will be holding private one-on-one conversations on November 8th with both Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong in order to come to a final decision on their future whereabouts.

A YG Entertainment official revealed that, “I was told that CEO Yang will be consulting the two regretfully eliminated trainees, Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong, face-to-face tomorrow. This meeting that will be held between the three of them will result in a high possibility of the two trainees either remaining or being dismissed from the agency completely.

Several months prior to the broadcast of Mix & Match, Yang Hyun Suk announced at the official press conference that the last two remaining trainees who fail to win their spots in iKON will be sent out of the agency, “I think it will be difficult for the two eliminated members to debut in YG Entertainment. I think they will have to debut with another agency, as I don’t have any plans to debut the eliminated members.

However, many industry officials, fans, and netizens have become anxious as to whether or not Yang Hyun Suk will avert from his original plans and choose to keep both Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong remaining as trainees within YG Entertainment until further plans.

Meanwhile, fans of the two eliminated trainees, as well as iKON fans, have been showing their support for both Yang Hongsuk and Jung Jinhyeong, hoping for the agency to become more lenient on the two young men.

The final decision in which the fate of Jung Jinhyeong and Yang Hongsuk lie will be made on the coming 8th.

Source: OSEN