Yano Shiho Claims Her Daughter Is Basically Her Double By Recreating Infamous “Banana” Pose

Model and Choo Sung Hoon‘s wife Yano Shiho recently updated her SNS accounts with a new photo that proved their daughter Sarang takes after herself visually.

On May 20th, Yano Shiho uploaded a photo of herself with Sarang, imitating her daughter’s famous look on Return of Superman right down to the haircut and pose. Shoulder’s shrugged as she looks to the side coyly, it can be undeniable that the two are mother and daughter.

During their time on Return of Superman, Choo Sarang and her parents received a lot of love from viewers. The family left the show after three years since the creation of the show in 2013, starring in 122 episodes.

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Source: Dispatch