Yano Shiho reveals childhood photos on “Return of Superman”

Japanese super model and the super-mommy of Return of Superman’s little princess Choo Sarang, Yano Shio, has revealed her pre-school graduation photos, blowing everyone away with how blessed she has been aesthetically since a young age.

The photos were revealed on the January 25th broadcast of KBS’s hit show Return of Superman, where Yano Shiho’s daugther Choo Sarang stars as one of the nation’s it-babies. The pre-released photo of Yano Shiho’s childhood have already begun to garner attention, especially so to her distinctively charismatic features that have evidently been around for  very long time.

The photo showcases a young Yano Shiho, who is donning pale white skin, sharp jawline and large doe-like eyes that really draw you in, despite her young age. Such photos are always interesting to see, especially for mothers, as you can definitely tell right away whether ot not the resemblance with their child is strong. There are certainly some vibes that are shared between mother and her daughter Sarang, especially in the shape and lovable look in their eyes. However, it is her niece Yume, who has made a guest appearance on the previous episode, that truly resembles Yano Shiho. The resemblance is almost enough to mistake them for mother and daughter rather than aunt and niece!

Yano Shiho’s husband Choo Sung Hoon also goes on to confirm the uncanny resemblance between Shiho and Yume, stating that, “Yume has long arms and legs also. She definitely takes after Shiho.”

The model also goes on to poke fun at her height in her youth, claiming, “I was tall, right? This was when I started being put at the back rows,” referring to her position in group photos.

Return of Superman‘s 62nd episode is titled “You Worked Hard Today,” and as the name suggests, is bound to showcase intimate moments between the children and their fathers as they grow and learn together from each other.

Source: TV Report