YB and Bobby Kim collaborate in a live rendition of “Let Me Say Goodbye” and “Dreamer”

Yoon Do Hyun’s band YB and Bobby Kim harmonize on classic songs in a new video, the two sets of artists performing a beautiful live rendition of “Let Me Say Goodbye” and “Dreamer.”

Throughout December, two artists from very different genres of music united to give us a unique sound: R&B singer Bobby Kim and Yoon Do Hyun‘s rock and roll band YB. They’ve been giving fans a taste of what could be and showing that they can expand their musical views by hosting concerts across Asia.

On December 16th fans got a view into this new world of music, as a new video collaboration between the two was released.

Displaying a band playing behind them, the camera shoots Yoon Do Hyun and Bobby Kim with somber faces as they sing “Let Me Say Goodbye” and “Dreamer.” Though the two songs contrast, what brings warmth to them are the two singers’ matured voices and Yoon Do Hyun’s acoustic guitar skills.

Watch the video below!

Source: Korea Herald