Yeo Jin Goo receives his legal identification card

Actor Yeo Jin Goo recently made an appearance at the 34th Hand-Printing Ceremony and revealed that he has received his legal identification card.

On November 23rd, Yeo Jin Goo attended the 34th Hand-Printing Ceremony with fellow recipients of the Blue Dragon Movie Awards. During the event, Yeo Jin Goo was asked if the rumor about receiving his legal identification card (when a Korean citizen has come of age) was true. In response, the high school student and actor excitedly responded with, “Yes, I got it this October.”

In addition, a reporter asked, “Do you want to shoot a romantic film with an actress?” to which the actor shyly responded while stammering and smiling, “Uhh…I…yes I do.” Shortly after, Director Bong Man Dae, who is known for romantic films with a high level of nudity said, “I’ll give you my number so call me,” causing the audience to burst into laughter.

Yeo Jin Goo has previously worked in the dramas such as I Miss YouThe Moon Embracing The Sun, Tree with Deep Roots and many more. 

Source: Newsen