Yeo Jin Goo sustains hairline fracture during filiming of “Western Front”

Teen actor Yeo Jin Goo has been reported to have sustained a minor injury after colliding with a military tank prop used on-set during the filming of his upcoming movie.

On December 5th, the young actor’s agency, Janus Entertainment, revealed to Newsen that, “While Yeo Jin Goo was filming for the movie Western Front in Hapcheon district, he collided with an on-set military tank prop and sustained a slight hairline fracture to his left ring finger. After rushing to Seoul and receiving a close examination, we were informed that it was a minor hairline fracture as opposed to a severe one.

A representative stated that the injury will not have an effect on any schedules or agendas when asked if filming would be postponed due to the accident, saying, “Because it is not a major injury, it will not affect anyone’s plans or schedules. The accident occurred just as Yeo Jin Goo was finishing up one of his last scenes, so all that’s left to film is senior Seol Kyung Goo’s scenes.

Being adored and showered with the title as the “nation’s younger brother” in South Korea, many netizens have left encouraging comments regarding Yeo Jin Goo’s accident, saying, ” Jin Goo, you are such a talented actor at such a young age, but don’t overwork yourself. As a hyung I worry for you,” “Jin Goo… don’t break all your noonas’ hearts by getting hurt like this,” and “You’re so mature for your age… I always want to call you oppa even though you’re so much younger than me! Oppa!

Western Front is a war film starring actors Seol Kyung Goo and Yeo Jin Goo as the main characters while depicting a story about the series of events that occur after a North Korean soldier and South Korean soldier meet at the western front of the battle.

We hope for a speedy recovery for Yeo Jin Goo!

Source: Newsen