Yewon admits to plastic surgery after fortune teller outs her on “We Got Married”

Former Jewelry member Yewon recently admitted to having undergone the knife on a recent episode of MBC‘s We Got Married.

Aired on June 6th, virtual couple Henry and Yewon visited a fortune teller during their street date in Hongdae.

After asking the fortune teller if the heart shape of his nostril meant anything, she answered, “It’s a good thing. But it’s a shame it’s crooked.”

Curious about her own nose and what it meant, Yewon asked the same thing with the fortune teller questioning her, “Didn’t you already get your nose done?”

Yewon confessed that she indeed had a bit done on her nose, saying, “Just a little. I’m planning on getting more done in the future, just on the tip of my nose,” surprising Henry with the fact.

Source: My Daily and OSEN

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