[★BREAKING] YG Entertainment to announce official statement regarding 2NE1’s disbandment rumours shortly

YG Entertainment will be announcing their official statement regarding 2NE1’s recent rumors of disbandment in a short time

Recent rumors of member Minzy leaving and disbandment of top female group 2NE1 has gone viral amongst netizens and fans. In response to these alleged rumors, YG Entertainment announced that they will shortly release their official statement later today on April 5th.

It seems that since so many fans and the public are concerned, they will not reveal anything until everything is certain. These rumors have existed in the past but Minzy calmed fans by continuously posting hints and clues on her SNS that she is still part of 2NE1.

All of the members are currently focusing on individual activities. CL is preparing for her debut in the U.S. while Sandara Park is currently focusing on Korea’s variety programs.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +4,588 / -108] I really fell for Minzy… For Park Bom’s current status, she put it on herself…. CL has been supported by YG the most while Sandara Park is on variety programs constantly. Minzy is talented in both dancing and singing but YG Entertainment isn’t doing much to support her T_T I bet she feels as if her company hit the back of her head.. I like 2NE1’s songs and members but public opinion on them isn’t good and it feels as if YG doesn’t have an ambition to work 2NE1 as a unit anymore… I guess it is only right for Minzy to come out in her position

[ +4474 / -81] It feels like the group will disband

[ +3693 / -98] Yah.. Well it is time for disbandment.. They can’t even carry on with activities due to Park Bom

Source: OSEN