YG Entertainment drops official comeback date in “Who’s Next” teaser

YG Entertainment has officially dropped their second bomb, and the results are absolutely exciting.

On the afternoon of March 25th, the music label released their second “Who’s Next” image teaser via its official blog YG-Life and several of their SNS accounts.

While the teaser remains similar to the first, a bomb of black dynamites and a timer placed on top shown, the artist whose comeback is nearing was not revealed. Fans can, however, anticipated the comeback on April 1st, as indicated by the full date shown on the timer.

VIPs are highly expecting this “Who’s Next” teaser to represent the exploding return of BIGBANG, who last released their mini-album Alive and respective repackaged album Still Alive in 2012. And after much delays and promises, it seems BIGBANG will finally be returning.