[★TRENDING] YG Entertainment firmly denies new rumors of 2NE1’s disbandment

YG Entertainment denies rumors of disbandment for 2NE1 yet again as suspicions begin to arise on the media.

In October 2014, we reported that YG Entertainment released an official statement of denial regarding the rumors circulating 2NE1’s disbandment, saying, “2NE1’s disbandment is a ridiculous story.”

The rumor first originated from a suspicious act of member Minzy changing her Instagram username from “minzy21mz” to “minzy_mz”, excluding the “21” that stands for their group name, 2NE1. As soon as the rumors of disbandment had spread through the media like wildfire, the idol changed her username back to the former “minzy21mz”, putting the confusion to rest.

However, on June 6th, an online media publication, Chic News, released what they seemed to call an “exclusive” report, stating that 2NE1 has recently been preparing to disband. The article stated, “YG Entertainment has been leaning toward the decision to start preparing for 2NE1’s disbandment.”

A representative of the publication added, “CL has been working hard to prepare for her U.S. debut and Sandara Park will be focusing more on acting,” while no details were said about the remaining members Park Bom and Minzy.

Chic News elaborated on the disbandment, claiming that Minzy has yet again changed her SNS username from “minzy21mz” to “_minzy_mz” and her profile biography from “Official 2NE1 Minzy” to “Official Minzy“.

In response to these rumors, YG Entertainment has released a short, yet meaningful official statement for the second time, “2NE1 disbandment? This rumor is not even worth dealing with.

Source: My Daily and Chic News