YG Entertainment plans to release three of WINNER’s MVs at the same time

In the midst of preparing for their comeback, WINNER is reported to be releasing three music videos to celebrate the release of their new album next month. 

On January 16th, a representative from YG Entertainment confirmed that WINNER is filming three music videos for their comeback, also revealing that the album will have at least four to five tracks. The agency is reportedly producing music videos for at least half of the album proving the effort and preparations done for their return.

According to the agency, music video production and release take up the biggest cost in their production, citing other practices of producing only one music video for the title track. However, following the success of BIGBANG’s two music videos per month and iKON’s debut promotions last year, YG Entertainment will be releasing all three music videos simultaneously for the first time instead, making WINNER’s comeback more special for the fans.

The music videos and full album are scheduled to be released on February 1st. Meanwhile, WINNER started hyping fans for their comeback by releasing the collaboration track “PRICKED” featuring Mino and Taehyun. Although setting no promotions for the track, the song will be included in their upcoming mini-album.

Source: OSEN