YG Entertainment to release “sticky rice cake” clips for BIGBANG’s “Bae Bae”

Following the hype of BIGBANG‘s new song “Bae Bae”, which emphasizes a love story between a man and woman through “sticky rice cakes”, YG Entertainment has just announced that they will be releasing special clips for the song in the upcoming days.

On May 6th, YG Entertainment’s official Twitter account posted a photo of two traditional Korean rice cakes being tossed at each other in the air, a screen capture of an actual scene from BIGBANG’s “Bae Bae” music video. The photo also included a short text description that reads, “BAE BAE ‘Chap Ssal Ddeok’ Clip Release Schedule. 05.06 – 05.10 Everyday at 9PM.

The photo specifies that these “chap ssal ddeok” clips will be released one at a time every day at 9:00PM Korean Standard Time from May 6th until May 10th.

Chap ssal ddeok, which means “rice cakes” or “sticky rice cakes” in Korean, is a term that is sung towards the end of the lyrics of “Bae Bae”.

Though the term may fundamentally be defined as, “sticky rice cakes”, the word is now commonly used as a slang term for “sex”, for when the certain sounds of pounding the batter to make rice cakes denotes the sound of two people having sex. The word is also commonly used to describe the compatibility of two or more people, which is how it is used within BIGBANG’s song. For example, the term could be used like, “My best friend and I are like sticky rice cakes because we’re so close and we always stick around for each other.

Due to these reasons, many BIGBANG fans and netizens have been jumping to the conclusion that these so-called “sticky rice cake” clips may turn out to be behind the scenes footages of the BIGBANG members filming the “Bae Bae” music video through their “sticky rice cake-like” compatibility. Other fans have been foreshadowing that they might actually be video clips of the members making or eating sticky rice cakes themselves.

Overall, YG Entertainment has not yet given a clue or specified on what these clips might beleaving it completely up to the fans and netizens to guess what is in store for the daily releases. Even YG Entertainment artist Tablo has tweeted about the mysterious clip release and expressed his excitement and curiosity over it, seen below.

What do you think these clips might be?