YG Entertainment releases BTS video for NONAGON clothing line

YG Entertainment released a behind the scenes video for their highly anticipated clothing brand, NONAGON.

Featuring YG Entertainment artists CL and Taeyang as well as their stylist, Ji Eun sit down for a behind the scenes video for the agency’s clothing brand, NONAGON.

Created to match the style of the hip agency company, NONAGON targets fans who are interested in the artists’ particular fashion sense. Taeyang tells fans, “These fashion items are awesome for the young ones who like fashion, want to dress nicely, and like music.” 

The artists and stylist Ji Eun have high hopes for their upcoming clothing brand and hope that they would see many of their fans wear their clothes. The outfits are designed to be able to be worn on a regular basis while CL adds that she would be willing to wear them all the time.

In the behind the scenes video, YG Entertainment displays some of NONAGON’s outfits as the idols walk down the runway to model the clothing.

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