YG Entertainment releases voting system for Mnet “Mix & Match” finale episode

As the final episode of iKON‘s survival program, Mix & Match, nears on the 23rd, YG Entertainment has finally released an official guideline for the voting system that is to be used during the program finale.

On the 22nd, YG Entertainment’s online blog, YG-Life, uploaded the poster seen above which explains the details behind how the remaining four out of six trainees will be voted into iKON along with confirmed members Kim Jinhwan, B.I, and Bobby.

In the poster, the words, “YG’s newest boy group iKON. Which four members will end up completing iKON!” are shown along with the profile photos of the following trainees:

  • 01 Goo Junhwae
  • 02 Song Yun Hyung
  • 03 Kim Dong Hyuk
  • 04 Jung Jin Hyung
  • 05 Jung Chan Woo
  • 06 Yang Hongsuk

In red text, the poster also indicates that the final seven members of iKON will be determined through 30% of judges’ votes and 70% of viewers’ votes.

As seen in the hexagonal chart shown above, the 70% of viewer votes are to be divided into five different options of voting:

  1. Global voting between the countries of South Korea, China, and Japan
  2. Online voting through Facebook
  3. Mobile app voting through Naver LINE
  4. SMS mobile text voting
  5. On-site voting at the finale match stage

For mobile text voting, the votes that are sent during the broadcast of the final episode on October 30th will play into the 70% of votes.

For viewers who are interested in voting through Facebook, especially viewers and fans from overseas who are restricted or limited from participating through mobile text, may enter the official Mix & Match Facebook page at www.ygfamily.com/event/MIXandMATCH and vote on the coming 30th.

For viewers who would like to participate through Naver LINE voting, first add “iKON (MIX & MATCH)” through the mobile application and cast your vote on the day of voting.

YG Entertainment has also announced on the poster that four of the six members listed above may be voted for, however, multiple votes for each member will not be accounted for in the 70% of votes. Once you have made one vote each for four members, any votes sent after for those members will not be counted in the final results.

Voting through SMS mobile text, Facebook, and Naver LINE will begin on October 30th at 11:00PM through October 31st 11:59PM KST.

The trainees’ final match will air on Thursday, October 30th at 11:00PM KST. Will you be participating in the final votings for iKON?

Source: YG-Life