YG Entertainment releases “Who’s Next?” poster for upcoming hip-hop projects

YG Entertainment has once again left fans wondering after uploading a new “Who’s Next?” poster on November 14th. The new mysterious poster hints at two new projects between a total of five artists, collectively called the “YG Hiphop Project.” 

The black-colored background of the poster imitates that of a black shirt, accessorized with two golden chain necklaces. Matching the chains, there are also five gold-colored medals labeled 01-05 on the poster, possibly one for each artist in the projects.

As two medals are labelled “YG Hiphop Project 01” and three medals are labelled “YG Hiphop Project 02,” it has been speculated that the first project will include two artists, while the second project will feature three artists. The first project is expected to be revealed on November 21st at midnight KST, and the second project is expected to be unveiled on December 2nd, also at midnight KST.

Previous “Who’s Next?” artists have included Epik High with the release of their album Shoebox, and new sub-unit duo Hi Suhyun, made up of Lee Hi and Suhyun from Akdong Musician, who released their debut song “I’m Different” featuring iKON‘s Bobby.

Stay tuned to Koreaboo as more information is revealed!