YG Entertainment reveals Song Yunhyeong as the 5th member of iKON

Following the unveiling of Koo Junhoe as the fourth member of YG Entertainment‘s newest upcoming boy group, iKON, the fifth member has also just been announced!

On November 5th at midnight KST, YG Entertainment revealed through their official online blog YG-Life that Song Yunhyeong  has been voted as the fifth confirmed member of iKON, following the announcement of Koo Junhoe at midnight on the 4th.

After an intense round of voting through several different platforms, Team B members Song Yunhyeong and Koo Junhoe have made their way to becoming the official members of iKON alongside the already confirmed members B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jinhwan.

Upon hearing the news of Song Yunhyeong becoming the 5th finalized member, fans began pouring congratulatory and celebratory messages through Twitter as well as worldwide trending such as #5thiKONmember.

The sixth member of iKON will be unveiled tomorrow at midnight KST, while the final member will be announced during the airing of the finale episode of Mnet MIX & MATCH at 11PM KST.