YG Entertainment sends famous truck to Jinusean’s recent “Running Man” filming

To support Jinusean on their latest guesting for Running Man, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk is said to have sent a food truck for the cast and crew. 

On May 3rd, Sean teased fans with behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the show as he revealed the cast and staff treated with the agency’s food truck. He was further quoted saying, “Jinusean and Running Man received a food truck from Hyun Suk hyung~ I was happy that we could share the famous cafeteria food from YG Entertainment to the members and staff of the show. Thank you, Hyun Suk hyung! And the kitchen ladies and employees from YG who came out to support us, thank you. YG BOBCHA brings you the best taste!” 

The photo has also gone viral amongst fans after it was seen that member Jinu was seen sitting alone while the rest of the cast members ate together.

Meanwhile, the latest episode featuring Jinusean was aired today.

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A post shared by Sean Ro (@jinusean3000) on