[★TRENDING] YG Entertainment states BIG BANG’s album is nearing completion; comeback to be before summer 2015

With recent reports of members G-Dragon and Taeyang hinting at a 2015 comeback for BIG BANG, media outlets speculated that the group would come out sometime during the summer. However, YG Entertainment has just announced that the comeback may actually hit sooner than expected.

On February 10th, a YG Entertainment representative disclosed to Star News that, “The BIG BANG members have already held onto the strings and strands of the new album and as of the beginning of February, every single member has been coming out to the studios almost every day to work on the production of the songs.

The representative added, “Although the members have been busy with their own overseas schedules, they have all been very focused on working together for the album. Since there are some tracks that have already been finished in the past, the status of this new album has been nearing completion at very rapid pace. The possibility of making a comeback sooner than expected has been growing.

It was also revealed that BIG BANG’s comeback was most likely to be released sometime during the summer of 2015. However, YG Entertainment’s representative explained that due to smooth preparations and productions, the songs are resulting in very high quality tracks and the album will most likely be released before the summer even hits.

Even at YG Entertainment, we are currently taking BIG BANG’s comeback as the number one priority. We think this way because we know how long their fans have been waiting for them to come out,” the representative stated, emphasizing that this will be the group’s first comeback as a whole in over three years.

Source: Star News