YG Entertainment teases with 2nd teaser for “Who’s Next”

YG Entertainment unveiled their 2nd teaser image for their next promoting artist, teasing fans with the their famous tag, “Who’s Next”.

On October 29th, the second teaser image for “Who’s Next” was unveiled, teasing fans with vague, mysterious caption, “1+1”. The teaser image is a continuation of their first announcement last October 27th, hinting fans on a possible promotional stint from one of their artists on November 11th.

For the past few months, YG Entertainment has been announcing their debut and comeback statements through their “Who’s Next” campaign, which was followed by promotional stints from 2NE1, Akdong Musician, Taeyang, WINNER and just recently, Epik High.

As the teaser images are garnering great attention, the music industry is assuming the next comeback batter would be either PSY or Big Bang. Which YG artist are you looking forward to make their comeback soon?


Source: Osen