YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk celebrates 2NE1’s 6th year anniversary

YG Entertainment has fans begging for a comeback from 2NE1 after posting a special message celebrating their sixth year anniversary. 

On October 20th, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk made a personal update on his Instagram account celebrating 2NE1’s sixth year since making their debut under the agency. The update was short and simple as he posted a photo of the group’s debut single “Fire” with the tags, “#2NE1, #6YEARS ALREADY.” 

The update led to a number of fans commenting for a comeback from a group, especially the return of member Bom who was put into hiatus since the news of her drug controversy. The rest of the members are also  busy with their own activities with CL focusing on her solo debut in the United States, Dara with her drama projects and Minzy with her self-established dance academy.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 last staged official group activities with the release of their second studio album Crush in 2014.

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