Yonghwa shares behind-the-scenes video of “Mileage” MV ft. Yang Dong Geun

On January 9th, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa released a behind-the-scenes video of his pre-release music video, “Mileage,” featuring rapper Yang Dong Geun.

After releasing the music video, Yonghwa treated his fans on Facebook with the unique making of video.

The video takes fans through an even more comical look at the unique music video that was filled with silly cut-outs and mannequins. In the video, fans get a glimpse of Yonghwa’s silly side as he films.

The track itself was written by both artists and composed by Yonghwa. Through this sweet hip-hop and pop track, Yonghwa and Yang Dong Geun showcase their true artistic abilities as they blend their vocals and rap together.

 Post by CNBLUE.