[★TRENDING] Yonghwa’s old photos surface during Radio Star

Netizens have been buzzing about Jung Yonghwa’s old photos from his school days which were brought up during his appearance on Radio Star on the February 4th afternoon broadcast.

Yonghwa appeared on the show along with other FNC Entertainment representatives including actress Sung Hyuk and actor-singer Park Gwang Hyun.

Previously, his graduation photo caught the eye of netizens and created quite a stir in online communities. On the show, they showed photos of the CNBLUE lead singer’s elementary and junior high graduation photos and noted that he was a chubby boy with a mischievous smile. However, what really captured attention was the slender and handsome face pictured on the left in this photo.

Fans left comments complimenting Yonghwa on his looks saying “He is naturally handsome!” while others left comments such as “Wow, you’ve grown up so well!” and “Yonghwa you still look good today.

Meanwhile, Yonghwa released his debut solo album last month named One Fine Day which swept charts domestically and internationally. In addition, since its release, he has received two music trophies for his title track of the same name.

Source: Daily Hanooki