Yoo Jae Suk takes a photo with Kim Tae Woo and his adorable children on the set of “Happy Together 3”

On November 24th, Soulshop Entertainment shared a heartwarming photo of Kim Tae Woo and his children on the set of Happy Together 3 along with the nation’s MC, Yoo Jae Suk.

Shared via the agency’s SNS accounts, it reads, “Hello. This is Soulshop Entertainment. After eating again and again, there was a special shooting on ‘Happy Together 3’! They visited us on the set during filming. Nation MC’s Yoo Jae Suk took a picture [with us]^^ This special broadcast will air in December. Thank you~.”

With his two daughters sitting comfortably on his knees as he held them closely, Kim Tae Woo smiles happily with Yoo Jae Suk leaning in closely with a peace sign. The MC’s close relationship with the family is observed as they group closely together.

The episode featuring Kim Tae Woo on Happy Together 3 will be make its airing in December.

안녕하세요.소울샵엔터테인먼트입니다.'해피투게더3'에 먹고 또 먹고 특집으로 촬영이 있었습니다!촬영장을 우리 투율이도 잠시 방문했었는데요국민MC 유재석씨와 함께 인증사진을 찍었네요^^먹고 또 먹고 특집은 오는 12월 중 방송될 예정이라고 하네요.방송 전 공지 한번 더 올리겠습니다.감사합니다~

Posted by Soulshop Entertainment on Sunday, November 23, 2014