Yoon Hyun Sang performs with his heartwarming voice on “MelOn Premiere Showcase”

Following his special performance for White Day, Yoon Hyun Sang appeared on MelOn Premiere Showcase on March 18th which allowed lucky fans to hear his live performance. 

Yoon Hyun Sang greeted attendees with a heartwarming performance with “It Must Be You.” He revealed that the title “It Must Be You” represents how a partner in a romantic relationship is the key person who changes the other’s personality and actions.

He continued his showcase as he sang “Time Forgets,” Nami‘s “Like an Indian Doll,” and the groovy and blues track, “Tipsy: 20 Blues.” Yoon Hyun Sang said, “Tipsy: 20 Blues” is about “the hardships faced by people in their 20s.” He wanted to “express how things are hard even at that age.

Meanwhile he released the music video for “Time Forgets” on March 13th, revealing a story which stars actor Hong Jong Hyun where he plays the role of a working man, trying to forget his ex-girlfriend.