Yoon Hyun Sang releases “When Would It Be” MV teaser ft. IU

Soon after unveiling teaser images of his title track and upcoming duet with IU, Yoon Hyun Sang releases a fantasy-themed like video teaser for his debut track.

With a guitar bag on her back, IU finds Yoon Hyun Sang in the middle of a lit tunnel, playing the piano, and looks on as if she was reminiscing. The scene quickly changes to a fantasy set, Yoon Hyun Sang now found in the middle of a large forested room as he coolly continues to play the piano.

The two artists quickly burst into a beautiful vocal harmony, IU looking onward sadly.

Yoon Hyun Sang, known for his participation in the first season of SBS K-Pop Star back in 2011, will finally be making his debut into the music industry with the aid of IU in his debut duet track under LOEN Tree. His mini-album is set to be released on October 31st at midnight KST.