[★VIDEO] Yoon Hyun Sang surprises fans with a special White Day performance

On March 14th, singer-songwriter Yoon Hyun Sang serenaded his fans with a special live performance for White Day!

The video begins with Yoon Hyun Sang seated quietly at the microphone while holding his guitar. As he starts to sing with his soothing voice, Yoon Hyun Sang gently strums the guitar along to the song’s melody, showcasing his multiple talents in music. From here, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal a stack of White Day gifts, further proving how this serenade is meant for his fans. Through song, he expresses his love and thanks for his ever supportive fans.

Previously, he has released his new music video for “Time Forgets,” which his title track for his most recent single, 파랑:WAVE.

Watch his performance below: